Boomerang Debuts on the Indie Chart at #38!


“Boomerang” continues to exceed our expectations, making it’s debut at #38 on the Indie charts, and we’re only 3 weeks in!

The deadline to finish paying for the record promotion is MAY 29! I desperately need YOUR HELP to keep “Boomerang” out there!

With no record label behind me, I have to rely on the help of my friends, fans and family to make this happen!

This is a career making opportunity and the results speak for themselves.

I need you! Please help and share! Not sure how much to give? ANY AMOUNT HELPS!


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We’re At The Deadine To Go Fund “Boomerang”! Please Help!

Check this out… We need you – I NEED YOU – but please read this first.

I can’t do music the right way without people like you that beleive in me and know all I have failed at and accomplished.

Music is who I AM! I play the best way I know how. I’m too far in the game now to give up. 


We don’t have a huge record label behind us and that is a GOOD THING! However, We are doing this as a team from the writer to the promoter. I’m blessed to get to work with these guys. You don’t just call these Nashville cats up and pay them to play you. It doesn’t work that way.

Why do some musicians or people in general need to always down what we are doing? If I was asking for help for anything else besides MUSIC, it wouldn’t be an issue. These aren’t pipe dreams – all artists have started and have had to ask for help whether it be from a label, investor or private funding! You have to have the right team – and never give up on your dreams!

Listen, I know most of you know I’ve worked hard! I’ve been doing this for Years and now OWN my career. I need your help to do this right. This is my 11th radio single, but now my largest market, and I want to stay in the game the right way. I didn’t just dream this up over night. I’ve made mistakes, picked the wrong people to work with (not everyone), taken the wrong path, etc., etc. But after all the good and bad experiences, I now know my career is finally in the right hands!

And YES, It does take money to do this. I’ve paid for most of it and need help with the final amount. Just like it takes money for any company to begin properly, I am asking for the help. This is a NEW BEGINNING!

Please help my team out and be part of the journey. In the end, yes, while I make my living doing this – my career helps the BRENDANS WISH foundation – HISTIOCYTOSIS! Every dollar helps! Let’s keep this positive! And thank you for understanding it all. JUST SHARING HELPS also. Thanks for all who have stood by me and my dreams and the tough road to get there.

Mucho love to you! Thanks so much everyone for listening. 

This blog came from some negative comments that I chose to delete. 😘❤

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Rachel Stacy and Ronda Ray at Guitar Bar

Get you some R&R Saturday May 13 with Rachel Stacy and Ronda Ray at Guitar Bar!

Terry Lee Allen’s, Guitar Bar is the place for live music in Lawton, Oklahoma!

Show time is 10pm. Live music will start at 9pm!

Guitar Bar is located at 1816 SW 11th Street, Lawton, Oklahoma.

Remember, the deadline to Go Fund Rachel’s new single, “Boomerang,” is May 15!

Help Rachel make the final payment for radio to keep “Boomerang” on the air!

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Thank you to everyone who has given so far! No donation is too small! Every dollar helps! 

If you can’t give financially, but you believe in Rachel and her music and you want to support, please share! She can’t do it without you!

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Rachel’s new single, “Boomerang,” is being added to radio stations nationwide!

We are racing toward the May 15 deadline to make the final payment for radio! Rachel can’t do it without your help!

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You can also give via PAY PAL!

Thank you to everyone who has given so far!

“Boomerang,” is the biggest single Rachel has ever released. The right people are behind it to help her go to the top! All it takes is money to keep Rachel and “Boomerang” out there!

Remember, no donation is too small! Every dollar helps!

And if you can’t give financially, but you believe in Rachel and her music and want to help, please share!

I Need Your Help To Make The Final Payment For Radio!

My new single, “Boomerang,” has been released to radio!

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When you release a song with a large record promoter, reports of what stations around the nation have added the song are only shared with the artist and the team, weekly.

The first reports are in and the song is being added and played more than they expected, right out of the gate!

It is uncommon for reports to be shared at the beginning of the release, but “Boomerang” is doing exceptionally well!

With that being said, we are down to the wire!

It’s time to make the final payment to the promoter to keep the single going!

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As you know, with the help of some of my sponsors, I’ve been able to make the first big payments. I need your help to make the final payment.

This is the last time I will ask for private sponsorship to fund a single. I will never quit music, but “Boomerang” is my last “hoorah” when it comes to raising money.

“Boomerang” has what it takes! The reports are coming in and the biggest promoters in Nashville are behind it, but it still takes money! I need your help!

I’ve been in this business a long time. I’ve been up and I’ve been down. No matter how great or how hard it’s been, I’ve never quit. You guys have helped me get this far and I’m asking you to help me get over this hump and keep “Boomerang” out there!

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