No matter what the weather is like outside, hold your head up high and breathe in the beauty!

The conditions of our lives are like the weather; at times it’s too cold, sometimes it rains and even pours, and at other times its just so hot!

Then comes those 72 degree, bright, shiny days, where it’s so beautiful outside you just drink life in. On those days it seems like nothing can knock you “off the beam” or steal your peace, joy and zeal for life!

No matter what the conditions of your life are, like the weather, they will change. This too shall pass.

Today, regardless of circumstance, let’s all choose to be in a good mood! Life can be wonderful when you choose for it to be that way. In fact, it’s freeing!

No matter how gloomy your life is right now, make the choice.

Thank God for another amazing day to breathe in the blessings he has given you and is laying before you.

Sometimes the blessings are not exactly what I want. I may not like it right then. But the cool thing is, in the end, I find out it was exactly what I needed all along!

Carpe Diem! ODAAT!

(Seize the day, one day at a time)


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