4 Days Left To Keep “Boomerang” On The Radio & Climbing The Charts!

Radio stations across the nation are adding “Boomerang” and continuing to spin “Boomerang” every week! It continues to climb the charts alongside some of the biggest names in country music!

We are in the final days to make the payment to keep “Boomerang” on the radio and climbing the charts!

The payment must be made by May 29! 

I desperately need your help and I’m not very good at asking for it. All this is happening without the backing of a record label. That’s almost unheard of! That’s why I have to reach out to my fans, friends and family for help!

This is is high as you can go in the music business and it’s my last shot at raising private sponsorship money to finance a single. 

Please consider giving. If you’ve already given, please consider giving again. If you can’t give, please share! Remember, every dollar helps! No amount is too small! Even $5, $10 or $20 helps!

To give via PayPal or Go Fund Me please click the appropriate button to the right. —> —>

Thank you for your support!


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