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Rachel’s new single, “Boomerang,” is being added to radio stations nationwide!

We are racing toward the May 15 deadline to make the final payment for radio! Rachel can’t do it without your help!

You can still donate to Rachel’s Go Fund Me campaign (Click here).

You can also give via PAY PAL!

Thank you to everyone who has given so far!

“Boomerang,” is the biggest single Rachel has ever released. The right people are behind it to help her go to the top! All it takes is money to keep Rachel and “Boomerang” out there!

Remember, no donation is too small! Every dollar helps!

And if you can’t give financially, but you believe in Rachel and her music and want to help, please share!

I Need Your Help To Make The Final Payment For Radio!

My new single, “Boomerang,” has been released to radio!

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When you release a song with a large record promoter, reports of what stations around the nation have added the song are only shared with the artist and the team, weekly.

The first reports are in and the song is being added and played more than they expected, right out of the gate!

It is uncommon for reports to be shared at the beginning of the release, but “Boomerang” is doing exceptionally well!

With that being said, we are down to the wire!

It’s time to make the final payment to the promoter to keep the single going!

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As you know, with the help of some of my sponsors, I’ve been able to make the first big payments. I need your help to make the final payment.

This is the last time I will ask for private sponsorship to fund a single. I will never quit music, but “Boomerang” is my last “hoorah” when it comes to raising money.

“Boomerang” has what it takes! The reports are coming in and the biggest promoters in Nashville are behind it, but it still takes money! I need your help!

I’ve been in this business a long time. I’ve been up and I’ve been down. No matter how great or how hard it’s been, I’ve never quit. You guys have helped me get this far and I’m asking you to help me get over this hump and keep “Boomerang” out there!

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Go Fund Me – Final Payment For Radio!


My 10th single is releasing to radio as we speak and I’m raising money to pay for the final installment of the promotion!

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“Boomerang” was written by Dan Mitchell (known for, “If You’re Gonna Play in Texas You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band”) and Shawn Gassaway.

Tom McBee & Associates and Regina Raleigh, two of the biggest promoters in Nashville, plan on pushing “Boomerang” up the charts (Billboard, Music Row and many more). Tom and Regina have broken some of the biggest names in Nashville and continue to do so today. Together they make a great team.

This is an opportunity that every artist dreams and works for.

Tom and Regina don’t take on every artist that comes along. They only take on artist and a song they believe in 100%. It’s an honor to have them on board. I’ve worked hard to cover the first installments to get the ball rolling! 

I’m asking for your help to make the final payment in order to continue.

The money will be used for radio promotion for Boomerang”. The song will go out to over 750 stations nationwide and there are too many to count worldwide.

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I need the money no later than May 15, 2017. I am asking for a little bit more because of the small fee that Go Fund Me charges.

This means so much to me because this will be the last time I ask for sponsorship money.

Choosing not to have any private investment or record label behind me, “Boomerang” will be my biggest single released to radio. I’m so grateful for everyone who has stood by my through the years. Each single represents the next step in an artist’s life.

I’m grateful because I’ve been up in this business and I’ve been down in this business. It is a blessing to be able to continue to do what I do. Thanks to everyone involved I have a dream career.

So, this is my final time to ask for sponsorship money instead of investment money or seeking the signing of a record label. My work seems to be finally paying off and it’s all because of the people who have donated, not only money, but time and effort in believing in what I do best. Let’s do this!

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Taste of the Bayou Crawfish Boil!



Join Rachel Stacy for the Taste of the Bayou Crawfish Boil Saturday April 8, 2017!

The event will be held at Chef Point, 5901 Watauga Rd, Watauga, Texas.

CHEF POINT  is a unique cafe that serves 5 star food in a renovated gas station. They’ve been featured on the Food Network, Paula Dean Magazine and the front page of the NY Times. Come out and enjoy their CRAW FISH BOIL under their massive, covered, dog friendly patio!